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Cleaning and disinfection of A/C Duct

Reside in the air millions of Microbiology and found microscopic air. That makes him up to the stage of risk to human health , especially in indoor (such as home and office ) where the air crop up concentration of pollutants in it to 70 times higher than it is air in the street emphasizes research centers competent presence of indoor air that these levels of air pollution lead to chronic diseases and damage to the lungs and inflammation of the throat and bronchial fatigue , headache and allergy skin dryness lung cancer and heart disease

Cleaning and disinfection of Water Tank

Water is one of the most important elements of life , we drink, and wash and from the water and maintenance of water tanks and water connections are a vital necessity to maintain our health , that those reservoirs neglected , it can become a fertile environment ideal for harmful bacteria and the spread of disease and can be life threatening.

The process of cleaning the water tank.

We clean the tank from the inside using high-pressure water , covering the ceiling and walls and floor of the tank . Then, we cleared the tanks using special chemicals that are approved by the Dubai Municipality. After further cleaning , we check T.DS ( total dissolved solids ) and pH ( acidity ) to determine the degree of purity, and will wash again ( every six months ) by municipal laws and regulations and in order to achieve the desired level. Chemicals used to clean water tanks ZELTOX
A chemical used to clean water tanks and approved by Dubai Municipality. It is a simple safe , and also eco-friendly and highly effective.

Cleaning and disinfection Kitchen Exhaust

It is a bulk stacks found in the kitchens of restaurants and others , in the process of suction vapors rising from stoves , cooking and food processing . And thus may turn out all vapors tee to greases and oils accumulate on the surfaces of solid for exits vapors and also in the flue attached and headlights suction fans
Several processes are used to clean the kitchen exhaust systems. The most common is the use of chemicals to break

Grease, hot water to rinse and removal of oil and grease and cleaning must be repeated from 3 months to 6 months at a minimum to avoid the occurrence of fires and problems faced by motors stopped due to the presence of large amounts of oil and grease inside

Cleaning and disinfection of Swimming Pools

In times of summer is used by most persons swimming pools for recreation and fun , but a lot Lai aware of the seriousness of water non- sterile inside swimming pools and in turn company magic touch you clean and disinfect the entire swimming pools to avoid disease bacteria and disease infection transmitted from one person to another person while swimming using disinfectants Specials & Equipment pumping higher water for cleaning and sterilization full pools

Cleaning and disinfecting Furniture

The sofas and chairs to sit and curtains of the pieces of furniture that gives the aesthetic of the house, just like any other piece of furniture susceptible to damage over time , and to keep them from being damaged and ruin quickly , care must be taken to clean them well. And to clean sofas in a smooth and quick and through its parent company magic touch we clean and sterilize all the furnishings inside the tissue of the roofs of furnishings that our devices have you clean and disinfect the entire furniture to enter the disinfectants in the fabric upholstery to cleanse from the inside as well as from abroad fully.

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