Water Tank cleaning and disinfecting

Water is one of the most important elements of life , we drink, and wash and from the water and maintenance of water tanks and water connections are a vital necessity to maintain our health , that those reservoirs neglected , it can become a fertile environment ideal for harmful bacteria and the spread of disease and can be life threatening .

The process of cleaning the water tank.

We clean the tank from the inside using high-pressure water , covering the ceiling and walls and floor of the tank . Then, we cleared the tanks using special chemicals that are approved by the Dubai Municipality. After further cleaning , we check T.DS ( total dissolved solids ) and pH ( acidity ) to determine the degree of purity, and will wash again ( every six months ) by municipal laws and regulations and in order to achieve the desired level. Chemicals used to clean water tanks ZELTOX

A chemical used to clean water tanks and approved by Dubai Municipality. It is a simple safe , and also eco-friendly and highly effective.
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