Grease Trap Supply, Installation and Cleaning Services

Magic Touch offers professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as we are of the oldest grease trap cleaning companies in Dubai, Grease trap cleaning is the process of removing grease waste and other food particles from the unit. Cleaning grease traps on your own can be a very difficult and messy job. Hiring a professional grease trap cleaning service to clean your grease trap is the best course of action.
Magic Touch not only offers grease trap cleaning, but also installation of grease traps, installation of dosing system, relocation of grease traps, gasket replacements, drain line, drain blockage removal, drain line jetting and cleaning.

What is the grease trap
Grease traps a receptacle that traps fat, oil, and grease (FOG) before the dirty water goes to the public drainage system. Water flowing into the kitchen sinks contains oil, fat, and grease from washing of meat and other fatty food items, dishes and utensils. Fat, oil and grease if allowed to enter the public sewage system, will hinder the waste water treatment process at the plant, as the sewage system is not designed to separate oil and grease.
Also, fat and grease when mixed with other waste like food residues solidifies, and hinders the smooth flow of water in the pipelines and causes pipeline blockages and overflows. An overflowing grease trap emits an unbearable odor if left unattended even for a few minutes and is a public health hazard. Customers can be chased away by the unpleasant odor from a leaking or overflowing grease trap in an outlet.


Why Is Grease Trap Maintenance Important?
The presence of fat, oil, and grease in wastewater burdens the treatment plant. Bacon grease, in particular, can cause certain reactions in sewage lines, thereby contributing to sewer pipe blockages. Restaurants will have to stop their operations if their kitchen is flooded with an overflowing grease trap. In order to keep the public drainage system efficient and free from oil and grease, it is a regulatory requirement even for the smallest food service establishment to have a grease trap cleaning contract with an approved grease trap cleaning company. Dubai Municipality has installed a grease recycling plant and has a regulation that all the fat, oil, and grease generated at the facility has to be captured, collected, removed, and sent to the recycling plant.
While the collection of grease is necessary to ensure the public drainage system is not overloaded with fat, oil, and grease from the regulator’s viewpoint, collection of grease and cleaning of the grease trap is essential for restaurants and other food service facilities for hygienic and business reasons.

Magic Touch can dependably and professionally vacuum, pump and haul the liquid waste and sludge from a number of liquid waste receptacles, including the following:

  • Grease traps
  • Septic tanks
  • Sand pits
  • Catch basins
  • Car wash sumps