How often do we hear about fires in the commercial restaurants? How often are we told what causes them? the main cause is always the same GREASE

Commercial kitchens have extraction systems designed to expel smoke and smells. The fumes expelled are high grease which builds up in filters, hoods, conduits and the extractor. This grease is highly inflammable and is responsible for most fires which occur in restaurants. Dirty systems also force the ventilator to work harder, consuming more energy than necessary, creating unpleasant smells, through inadequate ventilation. By regularly cleaning out the Exhaust System, you can avoid these unnecessary risks

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Apart from the fire hazard, grease is also the cause of other potentially dangerous risks, as it generates contamination and the proliferation of disease, mould, fungus and bacteria that can make us ill.

Grease also creates irritating smoke and bad smells that can have a negative effect on your client’s reputation, which is another reason, if not the most important, to make sure the extraction systems are thoroughly cleaned& well disinfected.

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