Flexible Shaft Duct Cleaning Machine

Model KT-928

Product Description

 KT-928 Flexible shaft duct cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning 80-800mm circular and rectangular ducts. The hose can be stretched without disassembly and work on the bracket directly to save the working space.

  • Hose can be stretched easily
  • Metal corrugated plastic sheath
  • Can clean ducts with curves
  • Durable service
  • With brushes of different sizes for the flexible shaft duct cleaning machine
  • Choose the right brush according to the duct size
  • Brush size can be customized as your duct size
  • Automatic forward and reverse rotation
  • The time and frequency for forward and reverse rotation can be set
  • Manual forward and reverse rotation for the flexible shaft duct cleaning machine
  • Adjust forward, reverse and circulating rotation as required
  • Brush speed is stepless adjustment
  • 0-1000rpm stepless adjustment
  • Clean kinds or dirts without residue
  • Long distance · Large area cleaning
  • Widely cleaning applications
  • Applicable to 80-600mm ducts
  • Can clean circular and rectangular ducts
  • Forward and reverse rotation
  • Forward and reverse rotation design can cleaning your ducts thoroughly
  • Brush speed is adjustable
  • 0-1000rpm stepless adjustment
  • Hard brush and soft brush for option. Can clean kind of dusts
  • Provide long distance cleaning
  • Hose is 45m long
  • Cart support make your cleaning easier