Rotating Brush with Vacuum for A/C Duct Cleaning

Model PRV-450

Product Description 

The RPV-450 duct cleaner features a powerful two-stage duct cleaning vacuum, vacuum/brush remote control, twin HEPA cartridge filters, and a clever modular design. The AQ-RV450 can be used as a “roll anywhere” self-contained air duct and vent cleaning system, or the lightweight modular power pack can be detached from the carrier and placed right next to the job. The two-directional rotating brush safely removes debris, while the dual vacuum motors pull up to 201 CFM back through the hose into the module disposable vacuum bag. Clean HEPA filtered air is then exhausted from the bottom of the unit.

What’s Included

RPV450 HEPA Duct Cleaner Vacuum includes:

RPV450 Duct Cleaner 1-1/2″ x 35′ hose. Choice of diameter (1-1/2″ or 2-1/4″) Three soft cleaning brushes. Note: When choosing the hose diameter, use the following information: 1 1/2″ diameter is for smaller vents and ducts, up to ~6″ I.D. 2-1/4″ diameter is for larger vents and ducts over 6″ I.D.

Product Features

  • Modular design, use with or without carrier
  • Remote vacuum and brush direction control
  • Independently controlled twin vacuum motors
  • Dual HEPA cartridge filters
  • Disposable filter debris bag
  • Large-diameter rear wheels and lockable casters
  • Hose and brush stored on a carrier
  • CE Certified
  • Motor Power: .25 HP Input Power: 9.5 Amps, 115V 50/60 Hz (Other options available)
  • Air Displacement: 201 CFM (high) – 89 CFM (low)
  • Brush Speed: 450 RPM