Most water systems experience problems with slow moving water or stagnant water in their water distribution systems. These problems can be customer complaints about taste and odor, corrosion problems that lead to build up of slime and chemical deposits in pipelines, loss of disinfection residual and growth of coliform bacteria, to list just a few. To minimize these types of problems most water systems deemed mandatory to be flushed & disinfected.

Mobile Service Van for Pipelines Cleaning & Disinfecting

At Magic Touch Group, and in addition to our existing service of water tank cleaning, we’ve adapted recently an effective technology to cater the service of water pipelines flushing & disinfecting, this is to ensure that disinfected water is turned over the entire water system from water tank through water pipelines to the end points being used by customer (water taps). So eventually, our service will achieve the desired goals while achieving improved customer satisfaction and improved water quality

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